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Cirrus Flight Training

We are proud to be home to LA's largest and latest generation of Cirrus aircraft. Whether you are an avid aviator or just beginning your journey we have a Cirrus aircraft that is perfect for you. Clipper Aviation is proud to have a Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot who can complete your Cirrus Transition Course or any other training you may need. We invite you to reach out and learn more about flight training in a Cirrus or about Cirrus transition courses if you are already a licensed pilot.

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LA’s Largest G6 Cirrus Fleet



The height of personal aviation with unmatched luxury, style, and safety.



More capacity, more range, more efficiency, more adventure.



The ultimate flying machine capable of flight up to FL250.


Discover the Cirrus Life

Adventure Awaits. 

There are many reasons why Cirrus has been a great option for many pilots. They are some of the safest aircraft due to redundancy as well as the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), excellent performance, and rich in technology. We invite you to view our page below and explore what it means to train in a Cirrus or complete a Cirrus Transition Course.  

Cirrus Flight Instruction Van Nuys Airport

Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot

Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIPs) are flight training professionals who are Cirrus factory-trained experts who ensure that you received the same Cirrus factory-level experience and service. Our CSIP provides Cirrus Transition Training on any generation and platform of Cirrus aircraft - including training on your personally owned Cirrus.

Alexander Gornakov

Chief Pilot - CSIP/CFI-AIM

"My passion for aviation has always been deep-seated in me. After working for a corporate company for almost 10 years, I decided to pursue this passion by becoming a pilot. I have never looked back! I am passionate about instructing and love showing people the world of Cirrus aircraft and to fly them safely and proficiently - ready to take their friends and family on a lifetime of adventures." 

Cirrus Approach
Cirrus Approach Course

Cirrus Transition Courses

A Cirrus transition course is a training program designed for pilots who wish to fly Cirrus aircraft. Each course focuses on providing hands-on instruction and experience on the use of the features and systems in Cirrus aircraft, with the goal of helping pilots make a smooth transition from traditional avionics to the more sophisticated technology found in these aircraft. The course covers topics such as navigation, communications, and flight management systems, as well as emergency procedures and other operational considerations specific to Cirrus aircraft. Each make and model of Cirrus has a specific course that needs to be completed. After your first Cirrus Transition Course it is easy to add additional make and models through differences courses.

Begin Cirrus Transition Course


Cirrus Transition not previously completed?

VFR Basic Cirrus Transition Course

VFR Only (Basic)

The VFR (basic) transition course is designed for pilots who are non-instrument rated and want to fly Cirrus aircraft. For proficient pilots who have never completed the transition course are in for a great training experience. The course is designed by Cirrus and has a provide structure and syllabus. It can be completed in approximately 10 hours of in flight training with our CSIP Instructors. The Transition Course utilizes Cirrus’ online computer training portal.

Advanced Cirrus Training IFR

VFR and IFR (Advanced)

The VFR + IFR (Advanced) transition course is designed for pilots who are instrument rated and want to fly Cirrus aircraft. The course incorporates both VFR and IFR transition training and covers a range of topics, including advanced VFR and IFR flying techniques, emergency procedures, and Cirrus-specific systems and technology. The course is designed by Cirrus and has a provided structure and syllabus. It can be completed in approximately 15 hours of in-flight training with our CSIP Instructor. The Transition Course utilizes Cirrus’ online computer training portal.

Cirrus Transition Differences Course Needed?


Our entire cirrus fleet is Generation 6 with perspective + avionics. Our CSIP provides differences courses that will add airframe, engine, and avionics training to be able to rent our fleet and to ensure that your feel extremely safe and proficient on all your flying adventures.

Cirrus Transition Previously Completed?


If you have the appropriate transition courses completed we invite you to complete a rental checkout and start flying our Cirrus fleet.

Our fleet requires the appropriate Cirrus Transition Courses be completed for checkout for each the SR20, SR22 and the SR22T. We invite you to call us if you have any questions about your previous transition course(s) and if there will be any differences courses needed to complete a Cirrus Rental Checkout flight for our fleet.

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