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Airline Transport Pilot

Are you ready to take the ultimate step in your aviation career? Our Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) training program, located in the heart of Van Nuys, is the perfect opportunity to elevate your skills and achieve your aviation career goals.


Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)

Our expert instructors, state-of-the-art simulators, and advanced training aircraft, cover everything from advanced systems and emergency procedures to leadership and crew management. Our personalized instruction and real-world scenarios ensure that you develop the skills and experience necessary for success in the competitive world of commercial aviation. We will guide you on your first steps to gain the highest rating possible of ATP by enrolling in our Airline Transport Pilot training program today!

Below are the eligibility requirements set by the FAA to be eligible to test for an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate: 

Meet the following age requirements:

(1) For an airline transport pilot certificate obtained under the aeronautical experience requirements of §§ 61.159, 61.161, or 61.163, be at least 23 years of age; or

(2) For an airline transport pilot certificate obtained under the aeronautical experience requirements of § 61.160, be at least 21 years of age.

(3) Be able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language. If the applicant is unable to meet one of these requirements due to medical reasons, then the Administrator may place such operating limitations on that applicant's pilot certificate as are necessary for the safe operation of the aircraft;

(c) Be of good moral character;

(d) Meet at least one of the following requirements:

(1) Holds a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating issued under this part;

(2) Meet the military experience requirements under § 61.73 of this part to qualify for a commercial pilot certificate, and an instrument rating if the person is a rated military pilot or former rated military pilot of an Armed Force of the United States; or

(3) Holds either a foreign airline transport pilot license with instrument privileges or a foreign commercial pilot license with an instrument rating, that -

(i) Was issued by a contracting State to the Convention on International Civil Aviation; and

(ii) Contains no geographical limitations.

(e) For an airline transport pilot certificate with an airplane category multiengine class rating or an airline transport pilot certificate obtained concurrently with a multiengine airplane type rating, receive a graduation certificate from an authorized training provider certifying completion of the airline transport pilot certification training program specified in § 61.156 before applying for the knowledge test required by paragraph (g) of this section;

(f) Meet the aeronautical experience requirements of this subpart that apply to the aircraft category and class rating sought before applying for the practical test;

(g) Pass a knowledge test on the aeronautical knowledge areas of § 61.155(c) of this part that applies to the aircraft category and class rating sought;

(h) Pass the practical test on the areas of operation listed in § 61.157(e) of this part that applies to the aircraft category and class rating sought;

Have at least 1,500 hours of flight time, including:

  • 500 hours of cross-country flight time.
  • 100 hours of night flight time.
  • 75 hours of instrument flight time, of which at least 50 hours must be in actual flight conditions.

Here is a list of materials that are needed for an Instrument pilot in addition to the private pilot materials:

  • View Limiting Device
  • iPad with Foreflight Subscription (suggest at least Pro Plus)
Airline Transport Pilot Los Angeles

Next steps

Obtaining your Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate is the highest possible rating obtainable from the FAA. To get started, your first step will be to meet with one of our instructors who will understand your unique needs and outline a training program. From there we will create a training program and schedule that is tailored for you. 

We invite you to contact us today to get started!