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World-Class Flight Training

  • Industry-Leading Instructors
  • State-of-the-Art Facility
  • Technologically Advanced Training and Modern Fleet



Take your first flight - soar into the skies and see the world from a whole new perspective by discovering the thrill of flight!

A Discovery Flight at Clipper Aviation is unlike any other. It begins at Van Nuys airport by meeting with one of our charismatic Certified Flight Instructors (CFI), who tailor an introductory meeting specifically to your individual passion for flight. Shortly after, your CFI will show you what makes Clipper Aviation a world-class flight school with a guided tour throughout our contemporary classrooms, state-of-the-art facilities, and aircraft fleet. A pre-flight briefing before setting out to the flight line is all that is left before getting in your airplane for start-up!

Throughout the one-hour flight around Los Angeles, you will soar along the coast, mountains, and all over the beautiful skies of Southern California. During this time you can relax and enjoy the views as you take the controls while feeling the alluring sensations of flight!

After landing, you and your CFI will debrief the flight. Here is when you can ask any other questions about becoming a pilot, Clipper Aviation, or the world of aviation.

If you dream of flight, a Discovery Flight truly is the best way to open the door to your lifelong aviation adventure!

Cirrus Flight Training
Piper and Archer Discovery Flights

Piper or Cessna Discovery Flight


Assume command of a Piper Archer or a Cessna C172 during a scenic flight around Los Angeles.

Cirrus Discovery Flight Los Angeles

SR20-G3 Cirrus Discovery Flight


Take your first flight in a Cirrus Aircraft and experience what it is like to soar in Southern California.

Cirrus Discovery Flight

SR20-G6 Cirrus Discovery Flight


Take to the skies above LA in Clipper's flagship and most advanced aircraft, the Cirrus SR20-G6.

Aerobatic Discovery Flights

Aerobatic Discovery Flight


Get ready to turn everything upside down and learn what it is like to fly aerobatics.




After booking several discovery flights with multiple flights schools, I came across Clipper Aviation. The discovery flight for Clippers was by far the best, and I decided from there that Clipper Aviation was going to be the school that I would attend. The fleet that they have is amazing and very well maintained! I want to thank Chris, who is currently my CFI, for being an amazing instructor. He does a great job in explaining the material, and has always answered any questions that I've had. Everyone in Clipper Aviation has been very kind and welcoming, and I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to learn how to fly.

5-Star Google Review Kenneth A
Kenneth A

I’ve been a student at Clipper since June and am currently finishing up my requirements for private pilot. I did a few discovery flights and tours with different schools around the LA area and was having a hard time deciding where to go until I did a tour with Clipper. I could tell almost immediately that they were a major cut above anything else I had seen. Now that I’ve been here for 6 months I can say my instructors Supreet and Chris have been awesome, the fleet is incredible and well maintained, and everyone is the community has been so nice and helpful every step of the way.

5-Star Google Review Zach S
Zachary S.

I got a discovery flight for my 15th birthday with Clipper after looking at several flight schools in LA. The staff couldn’t be more helpful and kind. I loved the whole process and Chris (my instructor) offered so much knowledge to my family and I. I can’t wait to have more lessons with Chris! I highly recommend coming here and to anyone looking for a flight school- this is the one such a cool and amazing experience.

5-Star Google Review Capri I
Capri I.

Clipper Aviation is a fantastic place to fly. I completed my Instrument rating with CFIIs JJ and Asher. Both are A++ instructors. Jessica and Emma, who run the office are always a pleasure to work with and provide excellent service.

The fleet of aircraft is beautiful. From upgraded glass panel Archers, to a sharp looking C-172, to great fleet of G6 Cirrus SRx and more, there is a vast choice of aircraft to rent and train in. I’m all in on Cirrus at the moment – they are amazing machines to fly.

5-Star Google Review Dirk S
Dirk S.


Private Pilot

You are now cleared for takeoff! Learn to fly and begin a lifetime of aviation adventures by pursuing an FAA Private Pilot's License. This initial step gives you access to the skies, opening doors for future growth, accomplishments and experiences. Upon succeeding, you will gain the skills and confidence needed to command your own aircraft while navigating the skies of Southern California and beyond.


Fly with our team of industry-leading instructors, supported by the best aircraft rental fleet Los Angeles has to offer. It's our experience that building a personal connection between student and instructor leads to the strongest outcomes. We will ensure that you are placed with the team member that is right for you and that your desired schedule is accommodated. We know how busy our clients are and pride ourselves on training students to the highest standards while being efficient with your time. 


Starting is easy and we are here to guide you through the full process of getting your rating. Contact us today to speak with an instructor or book a Discovery Flight!




Instrument Rating

A common next step after pursuing a Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate, the Instrument Rating turns pilots into true aviators. Learn how to safely command your aircraft across a wide envelope of meteorological conditions, providing you and your passengers with even more peace of mind. Use the aircraft to the full extent of its capabilities by shooting instrument approaches, perfecting holding patterns, and improving your aeronautical decision-making skills.


Los Angeles, and specifically Van Nuys Airport, offers the perfect training environment for your instrument rating. A multitude of large airports exists in close proximity to each other, making the airspace complex and congested, in turn making you a better pilot. Furthermore, Southern California's unique climate and geography provide the opportunity to train in real weather,  ensuring that you will be ready not only for your check-ride, but also for the lifetime of flights that come afterward. 


Contact us today to speak or meet with an instructor and learn more about getting your Instrument Rating! 



Commercial Single Engine

​Ever feel like going pro? Time to take the leap and pursue a Commercial Pilot's Certificate. Marking a milestone in your experience and growth as an aviator, the Commercial credential allows you to work as a pilot in a paid capacity.


We offer a clear and strong pathway to help you achieve your professional goals in the aviation industry. Our instructors are focused on setting you up for safety and success while being mindful of your schedule and budget constraints. 


Continue your aviation journey and expand your mission scope, contact us today to speak with an instructor and learn more about getting your Commercial Certificate! 



Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

One of the most rewarding paths for aviators is to teach other people who to fly and gain their wings. We have seasoned instructors who specialize in training for CFIs. 


Our program will ensure you are ready to take one of the hardest aviation check rides. 


We invite you to schedule a meet and greet to get your training started and show you our facilities, the aircraft and our team of talented aviators. 



Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument (CFII)

After you have earned your CFI the next step is to gain the ability to teach others how to fly on instruments. Our instructors are ready to help you earn your CFII and have state-of-art aircraft to ensure you have all the tools necessary for success. 

We invite you to schedule a meet and greet to get your training started and show you our facilities, the aircraft and our team of talented aviators. 



Commercial Multi Engine

Our team of certified and highly experienced multi-engine flight instructors (MEIs) are here to help you achieve your aviation goals and take your piloting skills to the next level. With a multi-engine rating, you'll be able to fly a wider range of aircraft and explore new opportunities in your journey as a pilot.


Our MEI flight instructors are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the most comprehensive and effective training possible. We offer a variety of training options, including ground school, simulator training and in-flight instruction.


If you're ready to take the next step in your aviation adventure and obtain your multi-engine pilot's license, we invite you to contact us today. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and soar to new heights.



Commercial Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI)

After your CFI initial it is time to add additional tools to your instructor certificate. Our MEI program is completed in our state-of-the-art facilities in a Diamond DA42.


We invite you to schedule a meet and greet to get your training started and show you our facilities, the aircraft and our team of talented aviators. 



Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)

For those candidates that are ready to continue for the highest rating of Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) - we are ready to help you take those next steps.

We invite you to schedule a meet and greet to get your training started and show you our facilities, the aircraft and our team of talented aviators. 



Flight Training Programs in Los Angeles


High-Performance Endorsements 
Complex Endorsements 
Tailwheel Endorsements 


Aerobatics Training
Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) 
Cirrus Transition Courses 


How much does it cost to obtain a Pilot’s license?

We invite you to book a FREE meet and greet to understand everything that goes into the cost of a Private Pilots license. And the price does have some variability based on the number of hours it take you to meet all of the requirements set forth by the FAA.

While costs vary, a studious and committed student can expect to spend between $19,000 to $30,000 to get their Private Pilot’s License. To better understand costs please give us a call at 855-463-5999.

Which discovery flight aircraft is right for me?

Although there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ Discovery flight, for those considering training, an introductory ride in the airplane you’ll specifically want to train in will provide you with the best understanding of how it will feel. The PA28 Archer and the Cessna 172 offer excellent value while still having all the latest avionics upgrades. And those people seeking the ultimate flying experience should fly in the Cirrus SR20.

If you’re still unsure about which airplane is right for you, please refer to our Fleet page here and reach out to us so we can pair you with an instructor that can provide you with additional insight!

How long does it take to become a pilot?

For a full-time student (three to four days a week), you can be on-track to receive a Private Pilot’s License in two-three months. In fact, with our dedicated team of instructors, only weather and your schedule will limit how quickly you can earn your first license. Our instructors will work with you to build a custom-tailored schedule to fit your lifestyle and needs! We understand what it is like to be a full-time aviation student or a full-time working professional with a very limited schedule.

Why consider Clipper Aviation as my Flight School?

When looking for a flight school you want to find a school dedicated to safety and quality of instruction. Clipper Aviation is comprised of educators who are dedicated to your success and ensuring you are always ready to fly and handle every possible scenario when you are out flying alone with your friends and family. As a premier flight school, we pride ourselves on teaching you flight training with the most up-to-date equipment, techniques, and aircraft. Each of our instructors are deeply passionate about sharing their love for aviation and ensuring that you are mentored into the sharpest and safest aviator possible. We are meticulous in both our facilities and in our fleet maintenance. We encourage you to book a FREE meet and greet to understand the Clipper Aviation difference.

What licenses does Clipper provide training for?

From your Private Pilot’s License to your Airline Transportation Pilot’s rating, Clipper Aviation can provide you with the training. Furthermore, we also offer a whole host of specialized training including tailwheel, Cirrus Transitions, UPRT, and more!

What is it like to be a member of Clipper Aviation?

It is like being in a community of great friends. While we certainly take training and flying seriously, we also love to have fun. We know that without your support we couldn’t have built such an incredible establishment. That’s why, at Clipper Aviation, you’re not just a student but you’re a valued member of our aviation, an integral part of our community.

What are the requirements needed to get started?

You can get started flying today! Your training will comprise flight and ground training and you will start both of them at the same time. 

To finally earn your Private Pilot’s License, an applicant must be at least 17 years old, must have 40 hours of flight time, and must have passed a written and practical test.

For the entire breakdown of requirements, time, and cost, we urge you to reach out to us so we can connect you with a Certified Flight Instructor who can expertly guide you through it all!

What if I am not a US Citizen?

If you are NOT a US Citizen, it is still possible to train for your US FAA Pilots License. Contact Clipper Aviation today to learn more about the simple 6 steps required to apply for TSA approval email

Flight Training Frequently Asked Questions



Clipper Aviation has developed a cost calculator to help aspiring aviators prepare best for the adventure ahead. This tool is intended to provide an accurate estimation of the cost and timelines associated with your individual training plan, based on the answers provided to certain questions. Please click on "Understand Your Training Cost" and thoughtfully consider each question.

After completing the questionnaire, our team will send you your training cost estimate and reach out. 



Clipper Aviation Destination Training Locations
Viva Las Vegas
Vegas! The lights, the attractions, the night life, and the intoxicating allure of the ‘Sin City’. Let us teach you how to smoothly sail into and out of Las Vegas.
San Diego or San Francisco
We can plan a training mission out to some of the most beautiful California destinations while teaching you how to also navigate some of the most complex and nuanced airspaces!
High Density Altitude
Learn how to fly in high-density airport environments by flying to Big Bear, Mammoth, Truckee, or Lake Tahoe!
Island Checkouts
Come take a trip to the legendary airport in the sky! Located on scenic Catalina Island, just miles off the coast of Los Angeles. Stay for lunch and try the legendary bison burger. 
Catalina and High-Density Altitude Checkouts

Aviators wanting to fly to Catalina or High Density airports such as Big Bear will require a one time checkout to each.  

Catalina Island and High Altitude Checkout
Basic Flight Reviews (BFRs) & Instrument Proficiency Checks (IPCs)

Pilot’s in need of a BFR or IPC can do so with Clipper! Our instructors are trained on many aircraft. So getting this done is a breeze with us in either our airplane or yours. 

Completed Flight Review and Instrument Proficency Check
Weekly Ground School

We host weekly Private and Instrument Ground school in addition to many special seminars. All are free for Clipper Aviation members. 

Clipper Aviation Weekly Ground School
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