Private Pilot Certificate

You are now cleared for takeoff! Learn to fly and begin a lifetime of aviation adventures by pursuing an FAA Private Pilot's License. This initial step gives you access to the skies, opening doors for future growth, accomplishments and experiences. Upon succeeding, you will gain the skills and confidence needed to command your own aircraft while navigating the skies of Southern California and beyond.

Fly with our team of industry-leading instructors, supported by the best aircraft rental fleet Los Angeles has to offer. It's our experience that building a personal connection between student and instructor leads to the strongest outcomes. We will ensure that you are placed with the team member that is right for you and that your desired schedule is accommodated. We know how busy our clients are and pride ourselves on training students to the highest standards, while being efficient with your time. 


Starting is easy and we are here to guide you through the full process of getting your rating. Contact us today to speak with an instructor or book a Discovery Flight!