A discovery flight at Clipper Aviation begins with a meet and greet with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). You will tour the facilities and discuss the upcoming flight. After all the pre-checks are completed you both will be on your way to fly for an hour over beautiful Southern California before returning to land. After the flight, you will be able to ask all the questions you have about how to become a pilot and what it is like to be a pilot. A discovery flight truly is the best way to open the door to your lifelong aviation adventure. 

Piper and Cessna Discovery Flights
Piper or Cessna Discovery Flight
Assume command of a Piper Archer or a Cessna C172 during a scenic flight around Los Angeles. 
Cirrus Discovery Flights
SR20-G6 Cirrus Discovery Flight
Take to the skies above LA in Clipper's flagship and most advanced aircraft, the Cirrus SR20 G6.
Aerobatic Discovery Flights
Aerobatic Discovery Flight
Get ready to turn everything upside down and
learn what it is like to fly aerobatics.
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