Aircraft Maintenance

Our deeply experienced maintenance team prides itself on performing consistently great work, maintaining a high level of attention to detail, and delivering true value to our customers. Each aircraft receives the utmost degree of care and we are proud to see this reflected in the positive feedback given by our valued clients.


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Complementing our leading instruction and rental offerings, Clipper Aviation is the right partner to make your aircraft work for you.


We are here to provide support across the full life cycle of the asset - from acquisition / delivery, ongoing management, pilot services and leaseback opportunities.

Please contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your financial and operational objectives.

Aircraft Management

Clipper Aviation recognizes the value and importance of your aircraft asset. We provide highly customer-centric, concierge-level aircraft management services across a variety of aircraft types and customer needs.

We operate a state-of-the-art hangar facility for your aircraft storage requirements and coordinate closely with leading maintenance providers across Southern California.

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Sales & Delivery

Clipper Aviation has deep experience in aircraft sales and trading. Our industry contacts provide access to inventory that is often unavailable to the public and we work with leading experts in transaction/tax structuring and ongoing legal/accounting management.

Aircraft ownership can be daunting, particularly to first-time buyers. We commit to guiding you through the entire process while helping you meet your budget, timeline, tax and operating needs.


Aircraft Brokerage Brochure


Clipper Aviation is confident it provides aircraft owners with LA's most attractive leaseback proposition. We are a fast-growth / performance-driven organization and can guarantee strong economics and high aircraft utilization.


Benefit from our established customer base, attractive insurance rates and market-leading reputation. We treat every aircraft as if were our own and always adhere to the highest standards of safety and operations management.

Pilot Services

We offer a wide range of pilot services, including ferrying, supplementary flight crew and aircraft acceptance.


For owner-operators who need an experienced hand on the flight deck, we provide captains and co-pilots to coordinate all pre- and post-flight activities. We treat all client aircraft as our own, ensuring the highest standards of safety and care.

Please give us a call to discuss options for you and your aircraft.